Bible Lessons

We believe that the best way to accomplish our goal of connecting campers with Christ is to spend dedicated time teaching children about the Bible. Each day after gathering into age groups, a counselor will present a specific Bible lesson to the age group, geared specifically for where the campers are age wise. These Bible lessons help to not only set the tone for the day but also are a wonderful opportunity to open up a dialogue with the campers about the gospel.

Field Trips

Every Wednesday, we load up and head out to go on a field trip! Campers must wear their camp shirts on Wednesdays, as this is an easy way for those around us on field trips to know where they belong and it also helps for us to quickly identify which kids belong in our groups.

Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone is the time where we sing camp songs, see a skit that relates to the Bible lesson, worship God, and learn more about Him. Campers might be asked to participate in the skits, and we certainly expect them to participate in the song time!

Craft Time

During craft time, campers will have a time to let their creativity shine through. Crafts will be age-appropriate and will coordinate with the theme of the summer. Crafts may be done throughout the week, or they may just take a day. Crafts will be sent home with campers upon completion.

Friday Fun

Friday Fun is the end of the week activity. All campers do a set of pre-planned activities that require campers to work in a team or just hang out and relax and have a good time. We close out the week with a blast!

Mystery Time

Throughout the week we do different activities on campus for the campers. Mystery time is one of them! Mystery time is just that, a mystery, up until the campers begin the activity. This activity period could consist of experiments, service projects, and problem solving in group tasks.

Game Time

During game time, campers will participate in age-appropriate group games. The goal of game time is to have campers participate, with good sportsmanship, in a group setting. Throughout the summer, campers will learn and participate in many new games, as our goal is strive to get away from the traditional group games that are so often played in school.


Each week, the campers will go swimming at a local community pool. During this time, safety is our number one priority. There are lifeguards, as well as FDC staff members, stationed around the pool. Staff members will also be in the pool with the campers, ensuring that everyone is enjoying their time in a safe manner. The shallow portion of the pool is open to all campers, while those that can swim well must pass a lifeguard administered deep end test before being allowed to swim in the deeper end of the pool. The deep end test requires students to jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder in the well portion of the pool; so keep this in mind when your camper that can swim is allowed to take the swim test.

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